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How to become a Digital Freemason?

If you are a speculative Freemason, you can become a full member of the O.D.F.C. (Official Digital Freemasonry Community) today by registering through this official platform.

Membership begins on the day of registration on the platform. When registering, it is necessary to pay the annual membership fee, which is renewed every year.

Choose a Plan: For Freemasons (1 year - $33)

If you are a Grand Lodge or Lodge, you can also log in and register on the official ODFC platform and step into Digital Freemasonry.

For your Freemason organization, upon registration, you get the status of a full member in the O.D.F.C. You also have the option to directly invite your membership through your unique referral link.

Furthermore, you get Moderator status, which allows you to autonomously edit content without limitations and its size.

By registering, you gain membership for one year and it is renewed every subsequent year.

Choose a Plan: - For Lodges (1 year - $99) - For Grand Lodges (1 year - $199)

Evolution and transformation in Freemasonry

Opinions about the origin of Freemasonry are different and often conflicting, although arguments are sought and found in the same historical sources. Without going into numerous legends about the origin of Freemasonry, we should point out one well-argued fact, which is its great transformation from an operational to a speculative form, and today we are witnesses and actors of the transformation from a speculative to a digital form.

Join and participate actively in this transformation!

Mission of Digital Freemasonry

For the purpose of preservation and further development, we are building new digital tools adapted to the new digital age, both for the benefit of current Freemasons and for future generations. 

Although it sounds unreal at first, in our "construction" we will always remain consistent with our slogan, which reads:

"All Freemasons In One Digital Lodge"

Digital Freemasonry is a new direction

The second major transformation from Speculative to Digital Freemasonry began on 19.03.2021 at the First General Assembly “The World Union of Sovereign Lodges – Libertas 5775”.

Exactly one year later, the Declaration on Digital Freemasonry was adopted as the highest act, which clearly prescribes the way and form of organization and activity.

Declaration of Foundation and Fundamental Principles

From Declaration:

"We do not intend to diminish any of the original rules, traditions, fundamental principles, rituals, or symbolism by arranging Freemasonry into digital form, because our respect for them is so great that we gladly admit that we are unworthy to introduce even the slightest novelty or change to them."

"For the purpose of clarity and understanding, Speculative and Digital forms of Freemasonry work parallel one to another, shoulder to shoulder, but each with its own unique characteristics. These two forms don’t necessarily exclude one another; rather, they intertwine and coexist with the same higher goals, and that is the construction of man and the human race to humanity with faith in The Great Architect of the Universe.”

You can download the full text of the Declaration after registering on the O.D.F.C. platform.

People for Earth

All people around the world who want to get involved in the project of preserving the planet Earth are invited and welcome to contribute to the preservation of our only home together with the Digital Freemasons.

Freemasons, by registering on the official O.D.F.C. platform, you automatically become part of the GREEN CHAIN Community.

That is why it is not necessary to register separately for the GREEN CHAIN Community.

Non-freemasons (all people of good will who support care for the preservation of the Earth) have the opportunity to "join our and your" GREEN CHAIN community and to support the efforts and contribute to the promotion of the idea of environmental protection on an individual level.

Solving the problem is not an exclusive matter of one or more organizations, institutions, governments, it is essentially a question of each individual and his understanding and then acting on this issue.

It will be a pleasure for us to "all" work together as individuals on this project and to solve the problem, because we are convinced that only together we can make and bring much-needed changes for the better.

Our main motto is:

"Only Activity Brings Changes!"

By registering, you gain membership in the GREEN CHAIN Community for one year, which you can renew every subsequent year.

Choose a Plan: People for Earth (1 year - $33)

Note: O.D.F.C. and the GREEN CHAIN Community supports the project called "Stripe Climate" ( and from each of your membership fees we automatically set aside a certain amount primarily for carbon removal. Also from other Plans (For Freemasons, For Lodges and For Grand Lodges) funds are automatically allocated for the Stripe Climate program.

People for People

What is "Masonic Generosity"? 

This is our commitment to humanitarian action and support to the communities in which we operate. As Freemasons, we base our values on brotherly love, understanding and solidarity, and now we want to extend these values through "Masonic Generosity".

Our "People for People" initiative is our commitment to helping those who need it most. Through various projects and actions, we work to improve the lives of people in our communities.

What content can you find on the platform?

O.D.F.C. is above all the executive body of Digital Freemasonry and it manages the content on the platform.

The purpose of the platform is to have all relevant information about Digital Freemasonry in one place, as well as to inform its members with the latest news.

The content is divided into 12 main topics that include all elements and scope of work of Digital Freemasonry.
You can see what the main topics are in the photo below:


The complete content can be accessed by registered members with the following Plan:

- For Freemasons

- For Lodges

- For Grand Lodges

Members who register with the "People for Earth" Plan only have access to the part of the platform where the GREEN CHAIN Community is located.